1 – First Impressions Count

Buyers will form their first impressions as soon as they see the outside of your property. Make sure to spend time tidying up the outside of your property: plant flowers, repaint the doors, remove weeds, sweep the front garden path, etc.

2 – Clean up

Make sure all rooms inside are as clean as you can make them. Cleaner rooms and surfaces drastically increase the attractiveness and should never be underestimated.

3 – Fix it

Getting all of your leaking taps, cracked tiles, torn up wallpaper, etc. fixed before viewings will have a great impact on buyers as they’ll be more inclined to focus on the positives of the house than worry about the problems they’ll have to fix themselves.

4 – Stay out of the way

Let your buyers explore the property freely with the agent. This will make them more comfortable with the property and let them take their time looking at each room.

5 – Choose the best buyer

Once you have the offers, you have to choose the most reliable buyer. The most reliable will likely be those who don’t need a mortgage, have property before or have bought property before as then there will be a lower chance of the purchases falling through.

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